Moving with the times


Never losing sight of the goal

After two years under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had hoped for healthier times in 2022, in both the literal and figurative senses. This past year brought a new set of serious concerns for all of us. Despite the bad news from around the world, we concentrated on our objectives and tasks and focused our energies in the areas in which our strengths lie and where we could have an impact: on the patients who need blood products or blood stem cells and on the people who, through their donations, give them a chance of life.

Objectives: We regularly review and evaluate our strategy and corporate objectives and adapt them as needed. This forms the basis for the definition of division and team objectives and for the annual planning. The strategy and objectives function as important guidelines in times of insecurity, uncertainty and unrest.

Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board Swiss Transfusion SRC and Prof. Thomas Zeltner, President of the Board of Directors
Swiss Transfusion SRC.

Reflection: We regularly take the time to sit back and ask ourselves whether we are on the right path, whether the measures we have defined are proving to be efficient and effective means for reaching our objectives – including with respect to newly arising circumstances. Retreats, workshops or meetings for an exchange on selected topics help ensure that we do not succumb to tunnel vision, get bogged down in details, or lose sight of our goal.

Motivation: Athletes need motivation – intrinsic, but also generated through measurable achievements. For an athlete or a mountain climber, this might be a medal won or a selfie taken at the summit. For us, it is every life saved. We take our motivation from the people who voluntarily donate blood, from the people who register themselves as blood stem cell donors in order to give patients a chance to stay alive. From the times that we learn and teach in exchanges with the staff and with other organisations and when opportunities arise to use our expertise to benefit research and in networks.

Prof. Thomas Zeltner
President of the Board of Directors
Swiss Transfusion SRC

Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller
CEO and Chairman of the Management Board
Swiss Transfusion SRC

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